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"Being Beer In A Bourbon Town"

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Derby City Brew Tours was featured in the LeoWeekly. Kevin Gibson featured us in a piece known as "Being Beer in a Bourbon Town."

Keith Joy leads tours around the city with his business Derby City Brew Tours. He said he’s seen increased interest in Louisville’s breweries. While many of his bookings are for bachelorette parties or birthday excursions, he said, many of his tours are booked by people from surrounding smaller cities in Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois.

He has seen a rise in general in the genuine curiosity of those who take his tours. While for some, it’s just a recreational outing that includes beer, more and more people genuinely want to learn, asking probing questions of the brewers.

“There’s a story behind the brewers,” Joy said, “and that’s what people love to hear. Not just how the beer is made, but the craft beer culture as well.”

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