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Louisville Breweries

Best Breweries in Louisville Tour

Daily Afternoon Beer Walks



Our Daily Afternoon Beer Walks are the perfect for anyone in Louisville that want to visit multiple breweries on a short afternoon walk. Our walking tours are a 2 hour adventure to 2 breweries and craft beer market. The distance between each is a 1/4 mile walk between each stop. 

  • 2 hour walking tour of two craft breweries and a beer garden.

  • Brewery 101 

  • 8oz tasting at each stop and local craft beer flight.

  • Tour Guide/ Beer Historian


Evening Tasting Tours



Our Evening Tasting Tours are all shuttle craft beer experiences. We offer unlimited (All Inclusive) craft beer samples at each stop. Our Evening Tasting Tours are the most popular food and drink tour in Kentucky since 2015. Our award winning brewery tour are the best way to get to know Louisville's local craft beer scene. Its also a great way to visit multiple breweries in one day!

  •  3 hour craft beer experience

  • Transportation to 3 local craft breweries

  • Unlimited pint tastings at each stop

  • Unlimited Water Bottles

  • Tour of 3 craft breweries/beer gardens

  • Brewery 101

  • Tour guide

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